4-Part Video Implementation Series:

Learn How to Get Your Kajabi Site, Products and Pipelines up, running and optimized to start generating income and getting YOUR message out to the world!

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For Three Days Straight, We Will Spend Atleast 1.5 Hours Together Going Over Exactly What Is Needed to Get YOU the Website, Product and Pipelines of Your Dreams!


Day One is all about website pages. What needs to be set up, what connects to what and some tricks I have discovered over the years.


Day Two is all about products. What types you can create and how to set up the flow from start to purchase!


Day Three is all about pipelines. What are the different types you can set up and how to make sure everything is connected correctly to start bringing in that money!


Let's wrap up everything we learned and discuss next steps to turning your dream website, products and pipelines into a reality!

What Are You Waiting For?! Let's Get You Started Making YOUR Dreams Come True!

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